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$430,000.00 against a sleep away camp for negligence in improperly permitting a camper to assemble a defective lamp


$900,000.00 against a building owner for failing to provide appropriate safety equipment for a construction worker


$300,000.00 against an automobile driver for a bulging disc injury sustained by a passenger in a motor vehicle accident


$700,000.00 against a psychiatrist for injuries suffered by a patient due to an improperly prescribed drug


$700,000.00 against an eye doctor for failure to properly treat a patient who had abnormal intra-ocular pressure

$14,500,000.00 against a local Brooklyn hospital for failure to timely administer required medications to a young patient.


• $1,250,000.00 against an anesthesiologist for failure to properly monitor a patient post-surgery.


• $1,900,000.00 against a hospital in Brooklyn for failure to timely diagnose and treat an evolving thromboembolism.


• $2,500,000.00 against a surgeon for failing to close an open artery following a gastrointestinal surgical procedure.


• $3,000,000.00 against a Brooklyn Orthopaedist for failing to diagnose and treat a young woman who required treatment for 

a knee injury.


• $4,800,000.00 against a dentist for failing to prescribe necessary antibiotics to a patient who presented with a pre-existing heart valve problem.


• $1,500,000.00 against an obstetrician for damage and injury to mother at time of delivery.


• $1,147,500.00 against an anesthesiologist for failing to properly medicate a patient before surgery. 

• $450,000.00 against a school for failure of school to supervise and monitor a teacher who committed an assault upon a female student.


• $1,325,000.00 against a surgeon arising from malpractice in the repair of a heart valve in a patient who had Marfan’s Syndrome.


• $650,000.00 against an obstetrician for the improper performance

of a hysterectomy proceeding.

• $600,000.00 against a hospital for injury to patient’s kidney during course of a lithotripsy procedure to remove kidney stone.

• $775,000.00 against a New York Hospital for failure to properly diagnose and treat a teenage student who presented with abnormal vital signs.

• $700,000.00 against an eye doctor for failure to properly treat a patient who had abnormal intra-ocular pressure.

• $1,000,000.00 against a hospital for 41 year old transit worker for failure to properly test for, diagnose and treat the patient’s medical condition on presentation.

Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts & Settlements

Goldstein & Goldstein, P.C
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